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The manufacture and sale of contraband tobacco puts people at risk due to its association with organized crime, and it deprives the public purse of potential revenue from lawful tobacco sales. It has also put many honest retailers out of business in Central Canada. We are working to ensure it doesn’t expand in the west.

As retailers, we must do our part to ensure the legal sale of age [...]

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Healthy c-stores

Unbeknownst to many, healthy choice food options have grown significantly among our membership in recent years. We are grateful for the support received from BC’s Ministry of Health. Although initiated in BC in support of the Province’s Healthy Families initiative, it is becoming a more broadly Western Canadian program. The goal is to increase public awareness, thereby increasing demand to [...]

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Late night retail safety requirements

BC has new safety requirements retailers open for business between the hours of 11 pm and 6 am. If there is only one employee at the store during these hours, you need to have a violence prevention program in place or install a barrier that separates the employee from the public.

WCSA recommends that all retailers have a comprehensive safety management system in place that includes [...]