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2016 Contraband Studies


Highest rates found on universities, college campuses

VANCOUVER (November 15th, 2016) Convenience store retailers are expressing deep frustration following the release of a study showing the rate of illegal tobacco has held steady in British [...]

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Safe Community Retailer Program

The WCSA is launching a new Safe Community Retailer program allowing retailers to test their sites against industry best practices for ensuring the safety of employees and the public.

This free online tool has been created with support from the Workers Compensation Board of Manitoba and is currently being tested and reviewed. Please [...]

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CS Expo 2016 Featured Speaker Bobby Sahni

Join multicultural marketing and diversity industry veteran, Bobby Sahni, as he shares perspectives, insights and experiences on how to thrive in an increasingly diverse world – today, tomorrow and forever.

Bobby Sahni is a leader in the multicultural marketing and advertising industry. He is now Co-founder and Partner at Ethnicity - a multicultural marketing & advertising agency [...]

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Energy Drinks in Canada - What are they for? Who are they for?

In Canada, energy drinks are assessed and licensed under Health Canada’s Natural Health Products Regulations. Energy drinks are formulated and labelled to meet the requirements of the Regulation.

Information sheet on Energy Drinks

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Saskatchewan Liquor Policy Review

The Western Convenience Stores Association is pleased to respond to the discussion paper recently released by the Government of Saskatchewan entitled, Future Options for Liquor Retailing in Saskatchewan.

We believe – as do many of our customers – that the modernization of liquor retailing in many jurisdictions across Canada is long overdue. We believe that changes can be made that can [...]