What do Higher Minimum Wages Mean for You?

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What do Higher Minimum Wages Mean for You?

Posted on Thursday 06/22/17

This summer, the Government of Ontario will follow Alberta by proposing a minimum wage increase to $15 per hour.

The increase in Alberta will be incremental, rising to $13.60 on October 1, 2017 and again to $15.00 on October 1, 2018. Ontario is already scheduled for an increase in October and Bill 148 proposes another to bring the minimum to $15.00. We are concerned that other provincial governments will follow their lead.

In order to prepare for consultation with governments, the WCSA has developed a short survey to find out how such an increase would affect your business.

Please take 5-10 minutes to help us tell the story about how your business will be impacted by an increase in the minimum wage. Please complete this short survey.

Thank you for taking time to participate.

Your answers will be kept confidential and aggregated in order to provide the government with an understanding of the impact an increase in the minimum wage would have on convenience stores in Western Canada.