The WCSA's Submission for British Columbia's Liquor Policy Review

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The WCSA's Submission for British Columbia's Liquor Policy Review

Posted on Tuesday 10/29/13

It’s time for BC corner stores to carry beer and wine. Here are just some of the reasons why:

· It will create new investment in the province, and jobs.
· It will support local brewers and vintners.
· B.C. convenience stores have the best record nationally for age testing according to Health Canada (even better than government liquor stores).
· B.C. has the most stringent employee safety standards in Canada.
· The right to sell beer and wine will further raise industry standards for age testing and employee and public safety.
· It will support tourism.

It will also help build stronger, more attractive neighbourhoods. Allowing retailers to carry what consumers are buying can transform our communities (especially rural communities) and reverse a destructive trend that has emerged in recent years. “Prohibiting the sale of legal products that people want to buy is forcing shoppers to drive more and it’s pushing neighbourhood corner stores out to the highways where they sell gas to survive," says Andrew Klukas, WCSA president. In Vancouver, over 80% of convenience stores are now in non-residential areas. This disturbing trend is strongly related to a decline of people walking along lively, vibrant streets, and a corresponding increase in what a recent Globe and Mail article calls “loners in their cars.”

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