Reasons to Join Now!

  1. 1. Your association supports a strong industry and defends your rights at both the federal and provincial level. Files we are currently working on include:
    1. a. Cost of credit card and debit card fees.
    2. b. Promotion of age verification through the We Expect ID training program (, which is freely available to members. Other training courses are also freely available.
    3. c. Raising safety standards throughout the sector. We have created to help small retailers create and implement a safety management system that includes a comprehensive safety and security program. We are also developing a new online safety training program for late night retailers.
    4. d. Promoting healthy food choices in convenience stores through partnership with government and other stakeholder groups.
    5. e. Fighting the spread of contraband tobacco.
  2. 2. With over 23,000 stores nationally, our industry is powerful when we speak with one voice.
  3. 3. The Canadian Convenience Stores Association and its regional partners needs your support to promote good public policies that support retailers and the communities they serve.
To join, complete the application and submit it today? The cost to join: only $75.00 plus applicable taxes per store site per year.